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TomaWeb's Custody Keeper 2.1
TomaWeb's Custody Keeper© is a simple yet very useful custody scheduling software to help plan the time sharing of children between 2 or more guardians. Custody Keeper also lets you keep a daily diary of comments as well as track all of the expenses incured. The easy child custody calendar interface is simple to use and will help you plan and manage the time sharing of the children so that it is clear for everyone involved. With this child custody calendar you can create multiple year child access schedules in a matter of just a few minutes.

Protect yourself & Document Everything! Show the court ample documentation of where the children have been, expenses and incidents. Custody Keeper's professional printouts will reflect on you and make you look good in the eyes of the court.

Custody Keeper was designed with child custody and access planning in mind.
For only $44.95 you can create an unlimited number of multiple year schedules.

Attention Parents, Guardians, Lawyers, Mediators, Judges, etc.
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Child Custody Parenting Calendar
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Features Include:
  • Easy Child Custody Calendar Interface
  • Facilitates Joint Custody or Shared Custody
  • Track or Plan time spent with children
  • Track Expenses and Support Payments
  • Track events, incidents, and comments daily
  • Includes US, Canadian & Custom Holidays
  • Print Calendar and reports for you or the Court
  • Export your schedules & reports in PDF format
  • Quality and Prompt responses to support queries
  • Affordable Price
  • Much more!
Don't let the low price fool you!
Although a favorite of Lawyers, mediators and family law practitionners, this feature packed software is also aimed at the parents and guardians. Therefore, we have priced Custody Keeper accordingly and have made it available and affordable for everyone involved.

Is Custody Keeper for me?:
I'm a parent - With divorce rates hovering around 40-50% in most countries, it is likely that you may one day be standing in front of Judge to say "I Don't". If that is the case for you, be prepared with a custody schedule generated by TomaWeb's Custody Keeper. It may save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees to prepare a schedule, it will remove any doubts of custody percentages when calculating child support, and it will add to your credibilty with everyone else involved for bringing it forward, including the Court. After the fact, keep using Custody Keeper to track actual custody time, expenses and support payments. Keep a daily journal of important events, incidents, exchanges and variations.
I'm a Lawyer or mediator - Beyond being able to offer all of the benefits listed above for your clients, the parents involved in a custody agreement, you will be able to to present a clear schedule that everyone will understand, time and time again. Custody Keeper quickly pays for itself.
I'm a Judge - Eventually, if it hasn't happened already, you will be presented with a clearly laid out time sharing schedule generated by TomaWeb's Custody Keeper. Hopefully you are impressed and may even attach it as-is as part of a Court Order. Why not use it yourself? In many instances, the decision is up to you and Custody Keeper may help reduce the time you spend calculating possible custody scenarios which would undoubtedly help you get through your growing case load.

New Feature Requests:
Customer feedback is very important to us. If you would like to comment on or request a new feature, click here and fill out our support form.

Software Support:
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Looking for ChildShare?
TomaWeb's child custody calendar named ChildShare has been redesigned, rebranded and renamed to Custody Keeper. Previous users of ChildShare should now upgrade to Custody Keeper.

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